BenaCelBenaCel® dental dressing is made of biocompatible oxidized cellulose and contains no chemical additives. BenaCel® dental dressing adheres to moist oral mucosa and forms a temporary barrier protecting the wound from further irritation and pain. When placed in the extraction socket, BenaCel® dental dressing forms a gelatinous scaffold in the blood extrude, facilitating the development of a stable blood clot to prevent dry socket formation.

BenaCel® dental dressing is designed for use in the extraction site and the management of bleeding and alveolar osteitis (dry socket). It may also be used as a wound dressing for the temporary management of oral surgical wounds, such as operative, postoperative, donor sites and traumatic injuries.

Product availability

Cat. ID. Products Package
B01-0108 BENACEL C-001 5mm x 7mm plug, 8 / pk
B01-0212 BENACEL C-002 15mm x 15mm sheet, 12 / pk
B01-0308 BENACEL C-003 6mm x 8mm plug, 8 / pk
B01-0510 BENACEL C-005 50mm x 50mm sheet, 10 / pk

Product Benefits

Completely resorbable within days
Prevents dry socket formation
Non-allergenic, non-pyrogenic and non-immunogenic
Economical and easy to use

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Benacel® Clinical Studies